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CueStart is a free personalized browser start page service. Create your own start page with links, radio stations, RSS feeds, local weather, calendar, games, online tools and much more.

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What is a start page?

Your start page is the default website that is displayed each time you open your web browser. Our service creates a custom start page that is tailored to your tastes and needs.

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Content Sources

[Google, Dictionary.com, Weather.com,...]

Why CueStart?

Because CueStart isn't a large dot com, we can source our tools, data and news from a variety of popular services without bias.

For example, we use the Google search engine, Wikipedia encylopedia, Weather.com data, fob.com games... In each case we have used our favorite service rather than restrict ourselves, and you, to those we are allied with.


Demo CueStart Page

Click on the image to view a demo CueStart page.

[Screenshot of demo CueStart page]

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